Install TomTom7 onto WinCE5.0 with North America Maps

Install TomTom7 onto WinCE5.0 with North America Maps

Though TomTom Navigator system has been updated to 8.x/9.x for the PND, the manufacturer is still hiccuping to develop the latest version for Windows Mobile, especially for Windows CE 5.0/6.0.

Though it’s easy to install TomTom7 for Windows Mobile system, we are facing the music to transfer the TomTom7 to Windows CE 5.0/6.0 based GPS system. Anyway beam of sunlight kindles every corner on the earth. Here are the way-out to install TomTom7 onto WinCE5.0 with North America Maps.

1. Software Needing to Be Downloaded:
(1) Apps: TomTom 7.910.9185 for WinCE5 or TomTom 7.450.9030 for WinCE5.
(Note: The former one is the latest TomTom7 for WinCE, and both are OK for CE 4.2/5.0/6.0);
(2) Tomtom7 Maps: USA-and-Canada_860.3128 or Canada-Alaska_860.3126.
(Note: You can find any maps from forums).

2. Installation Procedures:
(1) Unzip the App and Map files into the root directory of your SD Card (or the internal memory; Better use Card reader for a stable data transfer because data transfer via ActiveSync or WMDC by USB cable will cause problem due to intermittent connectivity), Please note, the Map folder shall be under the root directory of your SD Card, not inside the TomTom7 folder (“Navigator” by default). So finally you should have 3 files/folders just under the root directory of the SD Card as the figure below:

(2) Power on your GPS and locate to SD card by Windows CE Explorer, go into “Navigator” folder and launch “TomTom Navigator.exe”, configure the TomTom7 accordingly.
(3) When prompting for GPS receiver, please select “Other NMEA GPS receiver” though you have build-in GPS receiver and then select the baud rate: 4800 (by default, but mine is 57600), and Com Port (Com:2 be default, but mine is “GPS_COM”).
(4) Exit the TomTom7 system, and a “ttnavigator.bif” file will be generated under the root directory of the SD Card.
(5) Connect the SD Card to your PC, connect the Internet; Run the “AutoActivate.exe” file to activate the TomTom7 system and the map automatically (a .dct file will be generated under the map folder, for instance, Canada-Alaska folder).
(6) Place the SD Card back into your GPS.

Enjoy the TomTom7 on WinCE5.0/6.0.

22 thoughts on “Install TomTom7 onto WinCE5.0 with North America Maps

  1. Paul

    Hi, great site, my question is does the above install of tomtom7 have any activation problems as i’ve been reading on the web about cracks etc?

  2. Hi,
    Enjoying your tutorial. Have got TomTom7 on my PDA(Miop340). Downloaded the Maps from Navitotal, but can not unzip the .rar files as they would appear to be password protected. I have some USA and Canada maps from a defunct TomTom6, would they be useable?

    Dave Reed.

  3. 1. I forget the password as it comes from the website, instead of me, anyway try “” or “” or “navitotal”; I’ll update you guys if I come up any idea of how to obtain the password;
    2. The USA & Canada maps from TomTom6 should be usable, but it’s exetremely obsolete, please go to Navitotal to download the new one.

  4. The password for the maps in the first paragraph ” Tomtom7 Maps: USA-and-Canada_860.3128″ is – navitotal- all lower case. I have used this and all is working well.

  5. martin y

    Hi just found this site thanks it worked perfect on my binatone b430 but I have a Chinese headset in my car running win 6.0 with 128 ram all I get from that is out of memory any idea how to overcome this any help would b great thanks.

  6. Neil

    Thanks for this – finally got TomTom working on an old LG Device! One thing is that the settings don’t save when I reboot the device.. Not a huge problem as defaults are fine, but wondered if there was anyway around this? Thanks. Neil

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