GPS EzMapManager v3.0 (English version) Released

Welcome to GPS EzMapManager v3.0 (English version)!

1. Preface:
Based on unlocking the MIO C320 GPS machine, I have developed a Mio Map Loader v2.0 (SimpCHN version) around 2 years ago. As the v2.0 is absolutely obsolete, so the GPS EzMapManager v3.0 (SimpCHN version) occurs on the New Year day of 2011.

2. Applicability:
(1) All GPS machines based on Windows CE 4.2/5.0/6.0.
(2) Designed for 4.3″ screen GPS machines.
(3) If the apperiation for this application is pretty much, I will develop the 7″ screen (800×480 pixels) version.

3. Change log:
(1) Re-designed the icons (all big icons of 96×96 pixels, 24bit);
(2) Deleted the not-very-frequently-used applets;
(3) Re-organized the applications/icons;
(4) Rewrote the scripts of this application, much stable and no more interrupting when running the GPS software (i.e, Garmin, TomTom or MioMap).

4. Snapshots:
(1) Splash window,

(2) Page 1 window,

(3) Page 2 window,

(4) Page 3 window.

5. Download Address:
Download the GPS EzMapManager v3.0 (English Version) at

6. How to apply:
(1) Download the application from the hyperlink devoted above;
(2) Unzip the zip archive and copy the contents to the SD card of your GPS machine;
PS. The 3 files of MioAutoRun.exe, MioAutoRun.mscr and MioScript.exe and 1 folder of MioEzMap shall be in the root directory of the SD card;
(3) Disconnect the GPS machine from your PC;
(4) Reboot the GPS machine;
(5) Plug out the SD Card and insert it into GPS again, the application will run automatically.

Happy GPS touring!

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